Just a few of our Coffees
Prepared with espresso and mixed with hot milk. Topped off with whipped cream and frothy milk and sprinkled with cocoa powder.
Caffè latte
Prepared with an espresso, blended with plenty of hot milk and crowned with frothy milk.
Espresso macchiato
Prepared with an espresso and topped with a small helping of frothy milk.
Latte macchiato
Prepared with an espresso swirled into a glass of hot milk. Don't stir!
Café au lait
Prepared with an espresso or strong filter coffee (dark roast) and poured into a cup of hot milk.
Caffè freddo
Prepared with an espresso and blended with plenty of cold milk. Added ice cubes cool you down.
Prepared with an espresso. Ice cubes, vanilla ice cream and cold milk are blended until creamy.